Svetlana Shakhanova


Svetlana Shakhanova

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Higher technical education.
Ability to understand unfamiliar areas.

User of PC at the level of system administrator.

Create extensions for browsers using JavaScript.

High level use of MS Office programs (Word, Excel,
Visio, Power Point), graphic and video editors.

Experience technical writer with more than 5 years.
The development of hardware, software and operational documentation according to GOST 19, GOST 34.
Knowledge of existing standards for development, design and manufacture of technical and
design documentation (usdd, of espd).

Writing specifications for programs, Internet sites, mobile applications.
Plain language writing manual for users of all different levels.
Analyze and systematize information (including drawings, schedules, instructions, models)
with the further transformation of this information into a coherent text with drawings and diagrams.
Create, edit, illustrate and adapt technical material.

Development of technical specifications for copywriters.

Write a unique, competent, structured and articles for websites
blogs, social networks (information marketing, article-the instruction).
Prefer infostil.


Russian Federation