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Julia Those

Julia Those

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Hello! My name is Julia.

- I'm a copywriter, a psychologist, a teacher.
- Worked in a kindergarten, school, University, and medical facilities. Can take into account the peculiarities of different audiences when presenting information.
- I am Kazakh Korean Russian education. See harmony in diversity and unable to Express it in text.
- Love Russian language, the word and texts.

Turning to me, You will receive a text:
- convincing - with the structure, logic and a minimum of water;
- harmonious - it is easy, pleasant and interesting to read;
- alive - I will draw a vivid picture through images and examples.

Working with me You can be sure that:
I'll find those very words to accurately Express Your idea
for Your article is used more than three sources of information
- the uniqueness of the text written for You is more than 95%
- Your order will be delivered just in time
- the text will be modified according to Your desire
- I always online and will answer all Your questions.

If You need text to email me.
See you soon!


Russian Federation