Valentina Goncharenko

Valentina Goncharenko

Valentina Goncharenko

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My name is Valentina Goncharenko.
More than 14 years I have been working in the field of accounting and corporate Finance.
I have practical experience in various areas of Finance and accounting, but my main areas are:

• preparation of financial models
• staging, configuration, management accounting;
• budgeting;
• automation of financial processes and reporting
• maintaining accounting and tax records of small businesses, including submission of reports, payroll, etc.
• transformation and preparation reporting in accordance with IFRS

I was able to work in different fields: publishing, car sales, large retail network for the sale of drugs online store.
Very often I had to develop a management accounting system from scratch, automate financial processes (based on 1C), create budget models, set of 1C for accounting and tax accounting.
Participated in the optimization of business processes and management systems, accounting, and tax accounting.

I'm sure my experience will be useful for You.


Russian Federation