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Artem Softie

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Welcome! I'm a professional Retoucher. Any handling task.

-Basic retouching
Scope of work: Color/Expo-correction, rectification of obvious shortcomings, easy correction, improving overall appearance

-Light retouching
Scope of work: Color/Expo-correction, rectification of apparent deficiencies, correction, improvement of the General type of photography, working with
background light correction makeup, easy skin treatment, the elimination of obvious defects on the clothes.

-Advanced retouching
Scope of work: Detailed color/Expo-correction,toning,drawing volume; correction, work with the background : cleaning,drawing, correction makeup and hairstyles, deep skin retouching with preservation
the texture, detail of clothes : elimination of obvious defects that are apparent.

-Hi-End processing
Scope of work : in-depth study of color/Expo-correction, a tone-drawing of the local volume correction
figures work with the background: cleaning, drawing, details of the parts of the frame:
makeup, hair, nails, hair , detailed skin retouching preserving texture,
study clothes, aesthetic plastic, face and figure.

-Restoration of old black\white images of any falsity

-Batch processing (the wedding\celebration\event\photo-session)

-Newborn photos(babies)

Follow the rules. Fulfill the order in time. Only work on the TOR(tor) of the customer. Always take the initiative and introduce adjustments to improve the customer's consent. Trying to do everything,what would you satisfied with the work performed.
Friends ! Let us cooperate! =)


Russian Federation
Nizhny Novgorod