Sending messages in Instagram (Direct)

Ariskin Andrew

Ariskin Andrew



5 000 rubles 30 days

Activity type

Remote work


You must manually send a template message to people to Instagram Direct
with the offer of our services

Initially, You need to send 40-50 messages from his account as a test task
If everything is OK, you can additionally provide your accounts to work

At this point in the day with one account it is possible to send 30-40 messages a day
A list of the accounts-who to write, will also provide


*Having filled the account in Instagram (Photos, Tories, at least 200-300 subscribers
example -
* Time at least 2-3 hours a day


Salary - 1500 rubles per month + 1 per each sent message(contact)+ 30 rubles for each customer contact (if the person is interested, he leaves his contact)

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