Require web programmer (can be beginner)





Negotiable 30 days

Activity type

Remote work


For remote execution of tasks on web programming on a project basis requires a programmer with the initial experience, without portfolio. In successful cooperation on a project-by the piece be credited to the state and Kladno-bonus payment.


If you have only recently started to do web programming, we are willing to train and help in development. But some basic skills, labour discipline, you need to have immediately. Candidates who failed to overcome the "student syndrome", can not pass the probationary period because the load would be decent.

Will need a basic knowledge of languages php, html/css, and related tools web development (CMS/frameworks). Knowledge of the basics of java+MySql is an advantage.

Be able to describe your development environment (which tools you own) and to explain what options you chose and why did you choose these.

To represent the structure of website hosting, how to work in IDE, GitHub.

Attention to detail, ability to plan your working process. A good command of the Russian language and be able to coherently Express their thoughts, to reason logically (funny to talk about it to the programmer, but let me remind you), to justify their opinion. English know in some database to at least read properly mnemonickey code, and little documentation.

The ability to be connected is not disappearing (whapp+skype required) 5 days a week, by appointment at the weekend working on a tight schedule with daily reporting.

Know what distinguishes php from the html is necessary. Who knows the difference php from python has the advantage.

Readiness to perform testing tasks.

In order to distinguish you from bots, write at the beginning of your message:
"Your demands are understandable, agree with them. I want to develop in web development on html/php. Ready to be connected on Skype every day"

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