The creation of analog service online website copying


Yevgeny Mironov



Negotiable 30 days

Activity type

Remote work


Main task:
To create an analogue of this service: with the ability to copy any product (not only from CPA networks), implementation tool for online editing (will be provided), insert the website Analytics metrics, obtaining requests in the mail and the pages of the up-sales (will be provided), online payment and download the finished website archive in ZIP format WinRar that will immediately work on a domain client without any additional configuration and database creation on SQL etc.

Details on each of the items and visualization of the site's pages will be backed up to the order.

Working conditions, required reading:
- If you are not experienced in the rapid duplication of any of the sites – please do not respond to this order
- Read carefully all the points of TK and terms of this order
- Execution of the order will be exclusively for the safe transaction
- The execution of the order will be exclusively on the given host(s) and other accounts of the customer for the full implementation of TK
Site-the service must be created on a popular engine, Word Press / Joompla / Drupal / Open Cart, or in pure html+css (the exact information will be in the discussion with the final contractor)
- If you have any questions write in a personal chat to the customer
- Deadline – 30 days (may be extended by agreement with the customer)

The main points in the terms of reference (hereinafter TOR):
1) Home page –
2) Personal account
3) private office administrator
4) Integration with payment system
5) Feature on all pages of the website:
a) Copying sites is possible only with the consent of the copyright holder
b) Protection from spam/bots reCAPTCHA v3
c) Other well-known artist tools
d) Counters
Yandex Metrika
- Facebook pixel
- Vkontakte pixel
- Google Analytics
- Top Mail
6) Online consultant JivoSite
- Home page
- LK of the client (in LUX ADMIN is NOT NECESSARY)
7) the Visual editor for editing (provided that no one except the customer could not go into it)
- Home page
- LK customer
- LK admin
8) Cloud/software to store massive data in the copied client sites and the data on them
9) Other information necessary for the stable operation of the tools in coordination with the customer
10) requirements for the site:
a) Adaptability: it should be adaptive for all devices: smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc), tablets (iPad, Samsung, etc.) and PC (laptops, inpatient).
b) Menu, For smartphones and tablets should be user-friendly menu to switch
c) third Party people can't highlight text or copy some elements on the website

B) Services-tools:
1) create a script tool for the automatic duplication of any landing
2) Insert the visual editor in my account online editing sites
3) the Automatic integration of application forms from the websites to receive applications to the specified email
4) Automatic insertion (needs revision, customer) page Upsell/Thanks for copying sites with the ability to integrate with email
5) Automatic insertion of counters to copy the website:
Yandex Metrika
- Google Analytics
- Facebook pixel
- Vkontakte pixel
– Top Mail


The experience of the artist (the relevance to the customer in descending order):
• Copy all landing pages/websites with a few clicks (your automatic script for copying)
• Automatic cleaning of the donor site from all tracking elements (Analytics, integration, etc.)
• Writing personal accounts for sites with the ability to pay, download archives, personal account
• Create integrations with:
o Telegram-bot
o E-Mail (Gmail, Mail, Yandex, ...)
o CRM systems (amoCRM, Bitrix24, RetailCRM, etc.)
• Creation of integration sites with payment aggregators (Unitpay, Robokassa, Interkassa, Payeer and Free-kassa)
• Creation of pages of up-sales/thank you after the abandonment of the application with the possibility of adding items to the order
• The introduction of visual editors
• Automatic pasting the copied website Analytics metrics, A/b test Google, reCAPTCHA v3
• Introduction to the copied website any scripts, tools, and elements (jivosite, privacy policy, etc.)

The personal qualities of the performer:
• Relevant experience
• Responsibility
• The adequacy
• Efficiency in solving problems
• Communicativeness
• Self-starter
• The code in the deadline of the order without loss of quality
• Bring task to the end
• Interest in long-term cooperation

1. When selecting the final artist, the performer gives his full consent that the project be withdrawn without any compensation in one case:
a. Infringement of term of granting of the work done (later than the 2nd calendar day from the last moment of submission)
b. Delay in execution of the order
c. The drawback of the wishes of the customer in the course of work
d. Do not contact more than 2 calendar days
e. Revealing the incompetence of the contractor in the course of work (unable to perform one of the most important points in the TOR: copy, private offices, etc. below in the paragraph "Attention")
f. TK was not performed in full:
i. by: refusing to continue
ii. the customer cannot use the work done to use
iii. customer may not transfer the work to another contractor
2. Implementation schedule: daily
3. The performance of all the items listed in the TOR can be verified by the customer in full
4. The project should be easily finished if desired to add a new function/script
5. The cost of the order includes changes and adjustments in the course of work some items in the TOR are subject to change at the discretion of the customer and agreed with him
6. The cost of the order includes post-technical support on an ongoing basis:
a. Bug fixes when they appear on the hosting of the customer
b. Advice if you have any questions from customers
c. Subsequent revision of the service: adding new services (for a fee)

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