The template for Bitrix site





Negotiable 3 days

Activity type

Remote work


1. To install and deploy Bitrix 1C with a paid template: (
2. Home –its structure should be as in the prototype, and its appearance is modified from the point crneria design and usability
2.1. To build a menu structure like the file
2.2. Remove the blocks on the main page:
2.2.1. Popular designs with the main
2.2.2. Our partners main
2.2.3. Our work of caps
2.2.4. Prices of hats
2.2.5. Houses of aerated concrete blocks under the key of all sections
2.2.6. On the location page, only map, filter, catalog cards, a cap and a cellar.
2.3. Replacement of the black color styles in dark grey
2.4. Replace the green color in the styles on the red

2.5 Mobile adaptation


Optic in Bitrix

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