Looking for a girl for the post of content Manager. Writing news on the website about show business


Maria Employer



Negotiable 365 days

Activity type

Remote work


Required content Manager for writing and posting short news (but not less than 500 characters) the website of show business (including "yellow"). We give a few sites where You rewrite the news.
News structure: Headline + picture + text + picture + text + picture.

Important: the experience of better girls who like to see the film, Star news in Instagram, Yandex, etc. Write, maybe the majority of applications from men in whom the subject "is" not very...

Work for those who can intelligently and logically put words small sentences. In the text to prescribe the reference to another text or person to do Surveys (to the reader not to get bored).
The work is suitable for those who are sitting at work or home, browse and read the news about show business. You can only work with computer (not phone photos are loaded in the admin). To follow the spelling (! this is important !). To have their point of view, to write interestingly for the user, it is therefore advisable to those with a theme of "show business" sign.

Pay 40 p for 1 post. The experience of writing or rewriting the same material should be a month of work to take about 10 minutes, so You can normally earn.

Payments on Yandex.Purse or Bank card (or Alfa-Bank Tinkoff) before the 10th of the month following the calculation.
Please do not write to agencies, news we have an exclusive, people are recruited to work in the editorial office of the site, we do write lyrics, and not "fabricated" news.


- unconditional love of and interest in the stars (our and foreign)
- the ability to use Instagram (its not needed, just copy the pictures from there using Chrome)
- creative thinking
- adequacy (for example, not to post news mate. We - the media, the penalty for Mat - 5000 rubles).
for primary communication to have Skype so I can screen sharing to show the process

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