Ready to rewrite the config nginxa under istio (external traffic to the external servers)


Alexey Nikolaev



5 000 rubles 4 days

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go with a nginx in istio, and was faced with the problem. We have two domains (public and APIs) that operate over https, both domains at the two locations a. From this public /crossdomain.xml which proximate requests http://upstream1/content/public/crossdomain.xml and location / which proximedia on http://uptsream2/api/public$request_uri
the api is location ~ ^/(dmp|pub)/ slinging on http://upstream1 and location / slinging on http://upstream2
upstream1 of conn least 5 servers with different weights
upstream2 also least conn of 11 servers and also with different weights
It is also necessary to transmit the headers and the remote addr.
Google only examples for traffic inside the cluster and with one endpoint how to routit traffic from one domain name to multiple different IP is not clear


Or assistance in the writing of manifestos to istio or ready yaml's

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